The mumbling sociopath

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As mentioned in the previous post, there are despicable people in public life. One of them happens to be the governor of Minnesota:

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday vetoed the tax and budget bills that included the main work of the Republican-led Legislature and vowed he would not call a special session to work things out, saying, "They had their chance."

While the bills contained proposals supported by Democrats and Republicans, Dayton days earlier had telegraphed his problems with the legislation. Just a few hours before the midnight Sunday deadline for bills to pass, Dayton dashed Republican hopes that there was enough to like in tax and budget bills.

He renewed those criticisms Wednesday after the vetoes.

He described the budget bill as "not meant to be something I could sign. It was meant to be something they (Republicans) could take around the state." The tax legislation, he added was "skewed to big corporations and wealthy people, and it was unacceptable."

The Republicans will be going around the state anyway. They come to St. Paul from all corners, unlike the coterie of Metrocrats who mostly reside within 10 miles to either side of the 694/494 loop. And these Republicans will have to report that a mumbling sociopath decided it was better to make their lives more difficult because tax cuts cannot happen. There's more:

Overall, though, he ripped Republicans for bills he said were meant only for "re-election campaign slogans."

The tax bill veto could cause headaches for Minnesotans filing their taxes next year. It was intended to bring state tax law in alignment with federal tax law changes.

Conforming the federal tax code was high on lawmakers' to-do list this session because not conforming will mean complicated tax forms next year and possible increases for some Minnesotans.

Minnesotans deserve the complications, you understand. Too many of them voted for Republicans. Can't have that.