Running the party or ruining the party?

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"Seeing a nomination stolen by folks who do not follow the rules sends the strongest of messages. What message? Time for a new party."

Oh boy. Did we ever have a stinky diaper this morning. Seems now that the session is over, our former Governor has rallied his fellow Minnesota swamp dwellers. This esteemed group of 30, who include the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader, are going to hold a fund raiser for the un-endorsed former Governor of Minnesota. Who? Arnie Carlson? It might as well be.
What is the message here that this group of thirty is trying to convey to the party faithful? You know, the ones who play by the rules. The message is in sign language. It is the middle finger held up as high as possible. Somehow they have drunk the TPaw Kool Aide, and have lost not only their way, but also their principals.
With this brand new crisis to face the MN Grand Old Party, it will be interesting to see how our relatively new MNGOP Chair handles it. This is a time where she can either run this party, or ruin this party. If she turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to this attempted hijacking of our endorsement process, she will be complicit in the ruining of the party. On the other hand, if she stands tall and calls these 30 "Republicans" on the carpet, and tells them it will be the endorsement or nothing, it will show the party faithful she knows how to run this party.
This could be the final nail in the coffin for MNGOP. After the shameful reign of the former MNGOP Chair, and what he did to his Deputy Chair, the party almost went on life support. Then with the election of the new chair, some thought the extreme damage which had been done could be cleaned up and we could move on. And this this happened.
I know there are people in this world who shy away from conflict. I get it. But in leadership, sometimes conflict is a necessary evil. Silence is not golden - a strong voice is needed at time to right the ship.
It will be interesting to see how this thing is handled prior to the convention. If things are still unsettled by the time the convention is graveled in, it could be a rocky weekend. Why? Way too many of the party faithful are rule followers. People of principal.
Seeing a nomination stolen by folks who do not follow the rules sends the strongest of messages to all who listen. What message? Time for a new party.