Are we even governable anymore?

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"Are we still governable? That be a yes - with the right people. We do however, need to stop electing idiots. And that choice - is ours."

At long last, we finally have reached a critical agreement. Most everyone is saying the same thing. Red, blue, left, right, conservatives, progressive - all agree on one main item. This legislative session was a mess. Not a little mess, not just a big mess, but a big, HOT mess.
I am not going to go into the good, the bad, and the ugly of this session. Whoops - forget the good. Enough people are dissecting this session. I however, have a bigger concern than this "nothing burger" session. In fact, it supersedes Dayton, Daudt and Gazelka. They are just three guys filling slots at this point in time. Replace Dayton with Erin Murphy, Becky Otto, or Tim Walz, and the result would have been the same, or worse.
As bad as things are in Minnesota, they would ten times worse should the "Blue Wave" really happen, and the Red Team lose the House and Senate. As messy as the last year and a half have been in Washington, they will look like a Sunday picnic compared to a divided government with the Dems holding the House and Senate. Nothing, and I mean nothing, would get done to make America great again.
What do we do? Fight for the right to teach our kids about the real America? How America was founded? The wisdom of our founding documents? How important our Judeo-Christian roots were in our founding? Or do we just scrap it and start from scratch. Rather than equal opportunity, focus on equal outcome. Rather than capitalism, a blend of socialism and communism where everyone gets the same, no matter what.
The country is no longer divided by rich or poor, labor or management. Nope. The great divide is now urban and rural. If you look at a map where all the votes were in the last few elections, the majority of the blue votes came from urban areas, and most of the red votes came from rural. What the what?
I know, I know. The elites in the cities don't think us hayseeds in the country know spit from shineola. We are "cowed" by guys like Donald Trump, and because of our "racist" background, we never embraced Barack Obama. Well, here is the wake up call.
We are not as dumb as clueless as you think. Many of us out here in flyover land like divided government. We like it when not much happens during a session which grows either state, or federal government. We are not against government - we are all for efficient government. The problem is to get to efficient government, we need to cut away first all the inefficient parts of it. Yes, I am talking about shrinking the unnecessary parts of both federal and state governments.
Now I will walk one thing back. As hosed up as Minnesota has become, if in 2018 should we elect a true, bonafide conservative like Jeff Johnson as our next Governor, and still have our red team still controlling the House and Senate - big, and much needed changes, will happen. Regardless of what happens with the "Blue Wave" or "Red Tsunami" in Washington, Minnesota will be fine.
Are we still governable? That be a yes - with the right people. We do however, need to stop electing idiots or charlatans. And that choice - is ours.