John Marty’s Earth Day op-ed

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Sen. John Marty’s Earth Day op-ed contains every talking point in the environmentalist’s arsenal. If not for the alarmism, Sen. Marty’s op-ed would be blank.

Early in the op-ed, Sen. Marty wrote “The Earth is our only home. There is no Plan(et) B that we can move to.” Sen. Marty then wrote “Baking our planet, our only home, through fossil fuel emissions, will cause changes that we cannot fully imagine.”

Next come the predictions:

  • More severe blizzards and heat waves, droughts and floods, tornadoes, forest fires, and mudslides.
  • Rising oceans will create millions of climate refugees, people forced to move from low-lying coastal areas.
  • The number of refugees, displaced persons and asylum-seekers we have seen in the last couple decades is small compared to those who might be forced to flee their homes because of climate. The refugees of 2018 are causing great political turmoil, extremism, and hatred, in Europe, the United States, and throughout the world. Imagine the chaos that will result if we multiply the situation with climate refugees.
  • Species will become extinct. Not just rare plants and animals that we have hardly heard of. And not just polar bears. It has the potential to wipe out the human species as we know it.

Where is Sen. Marty getting these predictions from? We have “the potential to wipe out the human species as we know it? Who knew? I guess God’s out of business then.

Just when I started wondering whether this was just another unhinged rant from Sen. Marty, he got to a point:

The decision on building the Enbridge Line 3 replacement pipeline is truly a litmus test of whether Minnesota is serious about addressing the climate change that threatens our very existence. The PUC must understand that reality when it rules on whether to grant approval for the Pipeline. The Legislature, which is currently considering legislation to bypass the PUC and give Enbridge “sole discretion” to build and operate the pipeline, needs to understand the consequences of this action, whether legislators care about the climate impact or not.

Enbridge and its political allies might win on the tar sands pipeline this year. But they, and the rest of the human race, will ultimately pay the price.

Wow! What a lunatic. I didn’t think this possible but Sen. Marty sounds more crazy talking about the environment than when he’s talking about single-payer health care.