Distant war drums…

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"No more proxy wars - face to face. A rouge Iran is bad for the entire region. Might be time to get it fixed. Or maybe overtime."

Is it just me, or does it seem the Mullahs are just itching for a fight? Is it territorial, or some Islamic dogma reasons? You know - that 12th Imam thing. It seems the antipathy the Iranians feel for Israel (and then us), is only matched by the intolerance Israel now has for Iran's terrorist misdeeds. My belief is Israel has been war gaming Iran for decades now, as they have seen them a great and present danger. For that reason, they are ready to launch and all out war at the drop of a hat.
Somebody on the news yesterday was discussing this issue. He said both Iran and North Korea have a bark much worse than their bite. Both have overestimated and worn out military machines. Israel on the other hand, does not bark at all. But they have one heck of a bite. And their military machine is top notch.
I am liking more and more the way Donald Trump handles bad actors. He uses the carrot or the stick quite well. He is not cowed by anyone, including the Russians or Chinese. Here is the irony. Trump is far from a war monger. Nope. He wants peace and prosperity for all. Just like with any negotiation, we wants both sides to walk away from the table feeling challenged, and yet not feeling screwed. However, if a nation insists of maintaining a bellicose posture, Trump is willing to go to the mat with that country - in a heartbeat.
What I found interesting with Israel's response to Iranian troops in Syria yesterday, was how strong it was. It was deepest incursion into Syria since 1973. That is how serious this conflict has become.
If Iran continues to attack Israel from Syria, here is what I think will happen. It will be Iran's undoing. First off, Israel will expand this proxy war into a non-proxy war. Israel will target Tehran as well as Syria. Next, any sliver of hope that exists for Iran to come back to the table and broker an honest deal, will be gone. Our allies will join us in imposing the strictest sanctions yet on this regime.
Iran needs to keep one very important thing in mind if they let this small war with Israel become a much bigger war. The United States, will not allow Israel to lose. I know, I know. Israel can usually hold its own just fine. That being said, and to save lives in the long run, I would look for our intervention. Iran wants to see what the "Great Satan" is capable of? Stand by.
One final thing. It is high time for the Saudi's to put on their big boy pants and pitch in "large". We have been selling them state of the art weapons for decades now, and it is time for the Saudi's to help teach Iran a lesson. No more proxy wars - face to face. A rouge Iran is bad for the entire region. Might be time to get it fixed. Or maybe overtime.