Fixing a real mess

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"I am ready to offer these guys plow shares to disarm and play nice with the others in their neighborhood. By the same token, I am also ready to show them our sword. And I know Bebe is also ready to show his sword."

Hats off to our Commander in Chief. Nobody will ever accuse him of not having a pair. That is, unlike the guy before him. This "thing", this agreement with Iran was never a treaty, never approved by Congress. It was put together by the "America hating" John Kerry, who had no problem working with this den of vipers called Iran.
Okay - now do you want to know how I really feel? I am pissed! And I am angry, even for the Very Angry Bird. I am still mad as hell at this Iranian regime for what they did to us in the 70's and into 1980. How under Jimmy Carter, this band of thugs, made us look weak and impotent. Since then, they have not changed. They have only become worse and more dangerous. But we have changed.
Kerry may have been as naive as a first grader, but the rest of us are not. There are many patriots in this country with long memories. Those who remember the debacle of Desert One. In April of 1980, our President (at that time Carter), who had orchestrated the neutering of our military, tried to cobble together enough helicopters and trained pilots to sneak into Iran to rescue our hostages. From a bunch of trained terrorists? Nope. From a bunch of disenchanted and fanatic Islamic college kids.
At the end of that fateful April day in 1980, one helicopter lay in ruins, and eight brave Americans were dead. Died under hostile fire? No - they died due to severe cuts in the military, which made an already risky maneuver even more risky.
Iran under the Mullahs, and Iraq under Saddam, loved to call the US the Great Satan. That is fine - sticks and stones. Saddam felt the wrath of a post-Carter military - twice. Once in Desert Storm, and once in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Mullahs never have felt it. They have been lucky so far. That luck might be running out.
Iran may hate us, but they are still a clear and present danger to Israel. To quote Bebe yesterday, "Dealing with Iran will be a lot easier today than it will be down the road." Amen brother. Iran does not yet have a nuke. But that is only months away.
It is time to have all our NATO partners (save Turkey), travel to Israel and view the intel the Israelis managed to get out of Iran. It is very important for all to know. Then they need to put on their big boy pants. Iran, although large in land mass, is puny in economic strength. Economically, they are about the same size as Maryland. We are huge economically, and so our our partners. We need to, with the help of our strong allies, to put the screws on Iran like never before.
One more thing. We need to make sure we are on the right side of history. Israel has been war planning for Iran for many years now. If they have to go it alone, they will. Why? It is they with the target on their backs. They live in Iran's neighborhood. Iran has pledged total destruction of Israel many times.
President Trump. Your legacy sir, might not be this roaring economy you promised us. It might be fixing two very hot messes. The Korea thing is coming along fine. The Iranian thing might be coming to a head.
I am ready to offer these guys from Iran plow shares to disarm and play nice with the others in their neighborhood. By the same token, I am also ready to show them our sword. And I know Bebe is also ready to show his sword.