And if the worst happens…?

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"The only advice I have for the Democrats is simply this - come up with a real platform for winning. Undoing a fair election by the voters in not that winning strategy."

Saw an interesting panel discussion last night on the never ending "Russia-gate". How even if this continues to be a "nothing burger", there is something much more sinister waiting in the bushes. Something which could suck the life out of a Trump presidency. Hint: It has nothing to do with wrong doing or influence peddling with Vladimir Putin.
Since there will never be any real high crimes or misdemeanors against Donald Trump, all it will take to unseat him is for the Democrats to take the House, and more importantly, the Senate. The worst kept secret in Washington right now is this. If the "Blue Wave" happens, and the House and Senate truly do fall into enemy hands, impeachment and then trial by Senate will be the first, second and last item on their legislative agenda. The "smartest people in the country" are going to fix what those confused voters visited upon us in 2016.
Okay - I will bite. Let's just for a moment suppose that happens. Here is my soothsaying on what I see following:

  • President Pence - He would be coming in like a lion. First off, he would not be a happy camper about getting the top job this way. He is intensely loyal to Donald Trump. So he will be loaded for bear with the bastards who got rid of his boss. Would the "Blue Wave" try to take care of Pence also? Good luck on that one. Mike Pence is about as squeaky clean as they come. President Pence would continue on what Donald Trump started, and then some.
  • Patriot Uprising - If it is a civil war the Democrats want, they might just get it if they impeach and convict this President. Why? Donald Trump heard the message from the masses and was able to craft that message into a campaign. I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Donald Trump is not a Pied Piper who the uninformed blindly follow. He is the team leader of a very large red team who feel as strongly, or more, on cornerstone issues.
  • Wilderness for the Democrats - The surge in red state voting in 2016 will be NOTHING like the surge in red state voting in 2020 and beyond. Many millions will remember this injustice. They will make sure the door is shut on the Democrats and they can just go PC themselves to death while wandering in irrelevancy.

Anyhow, that is the take from the Bird's Perch this am. On the brighter side, I think this Mueller thing will just start to die a slow death. Trump's legal team will keep him from stumbling into any kind of legal eagle perjury trap. And more importantly, the once strong numbers for the "Blue Wave" to sweep over Washington are not a robust anymore. Right now the betting is a loss of some seats in the House (but the Republicans maintaining control), and maybe status quo in the Senate.
The only advice I have for the Democrats is simply this - come up with a real platform for winning. Undoing a fair election by the voters in not that winning strategy.