An Idea Whose Time Must End

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Leftist adulation for Ruth Bader Ginsburg grows to Tulip Fever proportions:

Amy Wallace, a 34-year-old attorney in Minneapolis, got a Rosie the Riveter-inspired RBG sleeve last year, which had a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it cameo in the new film.
rbg ruth bader ginsburg tattoo
“Justice Ginsburg is my only personal hero, and as an atheist, my adoration of her is the closest thing I get to personal worship,” she told Refinery29. “The secular iconography of Rosie the Riveter mashed up with Justice Ginsburg seemed like a perfect articulation of the way I feel about her.” The idea for it came after seeing someone else’s tattoo of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a modern, feminist twist (A.K.A. standing inside a vulva instead of surrounded by a religious halo).

My first impression – what a waste of good ink and graftable skin.

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