Where It Hurts

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hornady has the right idea.

“We recently noted the thinly-veiled threat that New York State comptroller Thomas J. DiNapoli made when he sent a friendly letter to most of the nation’s largest financial institutions. In it, he hinted — wink, wink — that it could be bad for their business if they continue to facilitate transactions that involve firearms an

And they should expand the program to cover cops and private security firms who protect these guys, too.


as well as these guys and all their members:

The prior week, the American Federation of Teachers announced it would cut ties with Wells Fargo over what it said was the bank’s failure to discuss with the union its relationship with the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers.”

Might be time for firearms manufacturers to take a page out of Microsoft’s book. You don’t own that firearm. You have a license to use that firearm. We can revoke the license if you engage in conduct prejudicial to the firearms industry. You must turn in the firearm and we’ll reimburse you for the depreciated value of it. Find someone else to sell you a gun.

Joe Doakes

It’s time for the good guys to make it hurt for the bad guys.

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