What’s In An Acronym?

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The “Republican Farmer Labor” caucus picked a logo that looks suspiciously like the logo of another state organization that has (not coincidentally) nothing to do with farms or (non-government) labor:

The DFL has sent a “Cease and Desist” to the RFL.

Now, if I were the RFL’s lawyer, I’d response demanding that the DFL stop falsely pretending to represent farmers or non-government workers.

Which brought up an interesting question: since 2/3 of the Democrat Farmer Labor party’s name is now obsolete, what should the party be called these days?

I’m taking nominations.

I’ll start out:

  • The Democrat Academic Plutocrat (DAP) Party.
  • The Democrat Academic Government Whole Foods Shopper Party (DAGWF)
  • The Democrat People Who Think John Oliver Is The Dreamiest Party (DQPTJOITD)