My Indisputable Facts of Life

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I have had these hanging on a wall in my study for almost twenty years. I put them together when I was not feeling good about where I was and where I was going. Going as a person, a friend, a member of my family. Every now and again when I need “grounding", I dust these off and re-read them. I believe every person has a similar unique list, written or unwritten, that fits his or her needs. This list has truly become my "Indisputable Facts of Life".

  • · Always be more tolerant of other people than they are of you.
  • · Try to kill other people with kindness (don’t worry – they won’t die).
  • · If you live on the edge, you will never have any margin – the smallest misstep will be either a game changer or a life changer.
  • · If a mistake is made, go from it and grow from it. Go from it (don’t dwell on it), and grow from it (become better by learning to avoid it again).
  • · People that succeed are able to turn lemons into lemonade – the more lemonade that can be made, the more success that can be obtained.
  • · ALL people are born free – someone has to take that freedom away from them. Protecting freedom is the most noble of all causes.
  • · Happiness and joy only come from within you. Never rely on things or people to create happiness and joy for you.
  • · Always give more in a relationship than you expect to receive. In the long run, you will receive more than you give.
  • · Balance in life in more important than money. Without balance, all the money in the world will not satisfy you.
  • · Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and give unto God what is God’s. Just make sure that Caesar does not get too greedy.
  • · Life is tough, but is a lot tougher if you are ignorant. Never stop learning.
  • · Your friends will come and go, your family should always love you, but it is God who will never desert you (even if you have deserted Him).