The match game

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"This is not a dark, dsytopian view of the future. It is reality."

The match game! What channel is it on? No channel, as it is not a game. It is a real life problem we have in the country right now. President Trump understands it. Obama did not. In fact, most Democrats don't really understand it. The match game is getting the people with the right skills into jobs which are evolving to keep this country on the cutting edge.
There have been several articles of late addressing this issue. An 2017 article in USA Today addressed the fact it is estimated by the year 2020, one million computing jobs will go unfilled. Why? Not enough young people pursuing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. And here is a statistic almost as alarming. Only 11% of employers think our higher education system adequately prepares students for today's workplace.
Meanwhile, our immigration system does not give two hoots and a holler if a person coming into this country can help fill this gap. We continue to get more takers than makers. Smart countries, funnel their immigration to attract folks with much needed skills via a I 9 Visa program.
But what about the young people in this country who have not prepared themselves for the future? A very good question indeed.
A July 2017 article penned by the Dell computer company really put things in perspective. By 2030 (a scant 12 years from now), it is estimated that 85% of technology jobs don't even exist today! That is a jaw dropping statistic. The message from Dell to young people is simple and blunt - get ready for a lifetime of more globalization in the workforce and constant re-training.
Those of us with young grand-kids have no clue what they will be doing for a job when they are adults. A very smart man I worked for years ago said the only way for a company to stay in business, and stay relevant, is to be NIMBLE. The same holds true (from a micro view), with young people. Get as much relevant education as you can, work hard, and be flexible.
This is not a dark, dsytopian view of the future. It is reality. Think about this with the "wave" about to hit our southern border. Will they be able to help our high tech worker shortage? Will they be "makers"? Or just more of the "takers". I know this sounds harsh, but for a country to continue to survive and thrive, these are the tough choices which need to be made. Like I said earlier, our President seems to get it. We all should.