I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

We changed the formula for Oxycontin to prevent addicts using it. So they switched to heroin. Now they’re dying in droves, which means the problem is solving itself. I’m having trouble seeing the problem.

Joe Doakes

Enh, not if it’s one of my relatives.

But it never fails amaze me that government never, ever figures out the whole “unintended consequenes” thing.

for now. And, truth be told, will probably always stay that way.

After years of publishing distorted headlines, slanted news articles, and heavily biased news coverage, media giant CNN announced Friday that it has decided to launch a spinoff site that focuses on real news comprised of objective facts.

Dubbed “CNN: Real,” the site is designed to bring the news media empire into the arena of publishing real news, a step away from its roots as a channel that covers entirely fabricated stories and shamelessly spins all news into liberal talking points.

Up next – a spinoff Strib that isn’t a glorified DFL PR firm.