Come and get me, copper

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I suppose it's easy for me, with over 1,000 miles of the North American landmass and the North Atlantic separating me from its jurisdiction, but I suggest the Merseyside Police do something that's anatomically improbable:

Big Merseyside is watching you

If you click on the actual tweet and read the comments, you'll see this exchange, which sums the matter up pretty well:

Freedom of speech, just watch what you say

The world is full of Kierans, lying on their backs and thinking about the National Health Service. If you want to understand how completely lost the Brits truly are, recall their Olympic Tribute to the NHS at the opening of the London Games back in '12:

You might recall the composer of this Riefenstahlian ditty, Mike Oldfield, who is best known for composing the theme from "The Exorcist." I don't know that it's possible to exorcise what's taken root in England, but we'd better damned well understand that the world they inhabit, where parents of Alfie Evans are denied the ability to seek medical treatment for their child who the NHS would prefer to scrub off the books, is what many of our neighbors seek for us. And if you object in a public manner, the Merseyside Police are going to be monitoring you. And I have no doubt our neighborhoods have plenty of people who would happily sign up for such a world.

The heel of the boot is always closer to your throat than you know. And the North American landmass and an ocean aren't going to matter.