What about Option “C”?

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"Not a RINO, not a statist, just a game changer. A true friend of the Minnesota taxpayer. Gosh, would that not be nice for a change?"

Funny story. I received a forwarded e-mail from an organization who is going to do a mock debate. For our next Governor. Were they going to put a favorite candidate forward? Not really. But it was going to be interesting non the same. What I am going to do now, is cut and paste part of what I received for this article. I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

THERE’S AN OLD SAYING THAT A LEOPARD doesn’t change its spots. Likewise, don’t hold your breath waiting for a RINO to change its political "stripes"! Twice, conservative voters sent Tim Pawlenty to the governor’s office, and twice, he let them down, increasing both government spending and government control over their lives, and rolling over and playing dead rather than standing strong in the path of charging liberal legislation.
Ethanol, mass transit, publicly financed stadiums, minimum wage increases, importation of price-controlled Canadian drugs, a "health impact" cigarette fee/tax, and a smoking ban – did he ever meet an expansion of government that he did not like? We must not get fooled again. The candidate may coo conservatively, but as governor he will hiss, "You knew I was a RINO when you voted me in."

Sounds a bit like a hit piece on our former Governor, right? Well, it was of sorts, but then the invite to this debate took a bizarre twist:

ON THE OTHER HAND, a hypothetical governor – no matter how perfectly conservative – cannot sign (nor veto) any bills. It is imperative that someone – anyone – who is not a liberal Democrat be elected governor of Minnesota in 2018. And Pawlenty has shown the ability to defeat the Dems. He may be a RINO, but doggonit, he’s our RINO. This year, it may just come down to a case of the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

Wow! Hey Minnesota! Here is your choice! Option "A" is lets vote in a Purple Barney type of RINO. Options "B is get stuck with another Democrat progressive statist. To bad we do not have an Option "C". What? We do? We have someone who is NOT a RINO and NOT a progressive and can still win? Who? Jeff Johnson. Please note that his team will NEVER put forth a flimsily endorsement like this group did - "Well, he should be better than a Democrat". No, Jeff Johnson will not be a little better than a Democrat - rather, he will be a game changer.
Folks, we don't need to settle for four to eight more years of disappointment once again from a RINO. Nor do we need to suffer through another four to eight years of a job killing Democrat. How about Option "C" this year? A true conservative. One who will change the trajectory of this state. One who will go toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball with the DFL elite and say "NO!" to BS!
Jeff Johnson is a man who will kill the Met Council as much as he can as Governor. He will NEVER let our Second Amendment rights be diluted. He will "right size" our state taxes and throw out hundreds of obsolete and/or useless regulations. As much as he can, he will protect the lives of our most innocent (the unborn). He will give law enforcement the support they need to fight the growing crime in our state.
Bottom line - Jeff Johnson will help this state do more with less. He will make it a tax friendly place for higher income job creators to live and work as well as the seniors who already have given so much. Then any excess - will go back to the owners (the taxpayers).
For the purposes of this article, I will call Jeff's election Option "C". However, what it should be for those who have heard his message, is Option "A". Not a RINO, not a statist, just a game changer. A true friend of the Minnesota taxpayer. Gosh, would that not be nice for a change?