Knowing what to vote for…

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"Seeing these kids take to the streets acting as tools of the Left reminds me of days gone by. Which days? Abbie Hoffman and 'Revolution for the hell of it'. Welcome back Abbie..."

Heaven help us. We have a bunch of millennials ready to turn 18, and for the first time in their life - vote. And vote for what you might ask? No clue. Oh yes - gun control. Abolish that neo-Nazi organization (so they have been taught) the NRA. Taxes? Tax the socks off the rich. And while we are at it, lets change out system of government to socialism. That is pretty cool, cause one of their teachers told them so. It is more "fair". Get the picture? These kids don't have a clue on what to vote for. But their uniformed vote will count just as much as one of our informed votes.
Every now and again, someone will take to the street (usually around Spring Break time), and question some of our youth about some very basic knowledge topics. Topics like our country and our government. If it is cool to look stupid, most of these kids looked very cool indeed. Of course, the vast majority of these kids did not even know we live in a Republic. Many just gave a blank stare when asked what kind of government we had. A surprising number did not know who we gained our independence from, and why.
The President of France, Emmanuel Macron is meeting with President Trump this week. Yesterday he was asked on a news show why he and our President, being so unlike, have forged this close friendship. He seemed a bit taken aback by that question. Like it was a "duh!" He replied (and I will paraphrase a bit), "We are close because our histories are so close. Our revolutions. We both understand freedom and liberty". BINGO! And how many of our half naked youngins in Florida on Spring Break know that fact? I would hazard not too many!
What our kids today do not understand, is the complexity and debate which went on by these very, very insightful Founders as they constructed our Constitution. Many think our DOI and Constitution were signed on the same date, whatever that date was. To me (and no, I did not have an education like this when I was young), I would like to see American History taught IN DEPTH when kids are in high school. Not just glossing over some facts, really, really peeling back the onion.
Like what? Know by heart the DOI. Who wrote it. Who were the 56 very brave patriots who signed it, and the risks they took by doing so. What happened in our country between the signing of the DOI in 1776 and the Constitutional Convention in 1787? Hint - those were critical years in the shaping of this most important document. The Federalist Papers are a must to read to really get a better understanding of the why and what in crafting our Constitution.
But that was so yesterday. Who cares? All those guys are all dead, and these are different times. Welcome to 1984, only a few years late. Our Group Think is not an informed or cogent think - it is a brainwashed think. Seeing these kids take to the streets acting as tools of the Left reminds me of days gone by. Which days? Abbie Hoffman and "Revolution for the hell of it". Welcome back Abbie...