The election which could split the country wide open

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"If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand"

The harbingers of bad things to come. Have you heard them? Seen them? They are all over the place. Everything seems to headed for a crescendo this November. It is a juggernaut which cannot be stopped. Some think it is long overdue. Others believe it will be the end of days for our great nation. In any event, we cannot continue to go on this way. It is unnatural and unhealthy. For all of us.
The Great American Experiment will go on, but not for all of us. Some will leave this great nation. This next election could very well be the match which lights the fuse. The more I think of it, the more I believe that might be a good thing.
Why would I wish this country to split? I don't, really. But right now, I see no other option. For the first time in my life, I fear if we continue to try and bond the un-bond-able factions who live here, violence could erupt. Civil war type of violence.
Whose fault is it? Ours. All of us. Our parents. We have been warned of the fragility of our republic, all the way from Ben Franklin to Ronald Reagan. Don't take your eye off the ball. Pay attention. Don't get lazy. But we did get lazy. Starting in the 60's, we went from a serving others mentality, to "if it feels good, do it". The "we" became "me". Our founding motto of e pluribus unum became nothing more than mumbo jumbo.
Therefore, I propose we split the union into two countries - Great America and New America. Great America will continue to live under the Constitution our Founders gave us. Great America will have law and order, borders, a strong national defense, and so forth. New America can elect to pen their own new founding documents, leave God out of the mix, ban all weapons, and social engineer everything to the max.
Will there still be disagreements in Great America? Sure, but they will be manageable. And respectful. If someone decides at any time he or she is not suited for Great America, the door will always be open to apply for citizenship to New America. Will Great America ever take in citizens from New America should they decide to leave their new country? Sure. But they have to pass a citizenship test first. A REAL citizenship test.
That is my suggestion. Since our discourse has become nothing more than toxic barbs, and before we devolve into armed chaos, we need to split. Why? Both the Holy Bible and Abe Lincoln understood why - "A house divided against itself cannot stand". And that house, is US.