The Early Childhood Dilema

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"Dayton's correct statement should have been, 'We are a high taxed state with little to show for it in education'. Then we could finally agree on something."

My daughter recently enrolled my grandson in a Montessori School. Now, I will come clean. I will admit that for decades now, mostly due to my ignorance, I thought Montessori was just a bunch of New Age "psycho-babble". That is, until we took a recent cruise down in the Caribbean, and I learned a thing or two.
Two of the islands (in different countries) we visited, had a different take on schooling than we have in the US. Start early, and finish early. One island started their kids at age 3, and the other started their kids at age 2! Why so dang early? For the same reason that Maria Montessori thought it was good to have kids in school at age three. The ability to learn at that age is phenomenal. With the right curriculum, and right environment, a child's brain soaks up learning at that age like a sponge soaks up water.
But is there a caveat? Of course - there is always a caveat. The government. Government schools. The unholy cabal of Education Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Education. Because we have secularized and PC'd our schools to the max, true Montessori learning is not possible. And that includes Dayton's early education scheme. His view has nothing to do with learning. It has everything to do with a payback to the teacher's union.
By the way, the schools in the two islands we visited are nothing like our schools. For example, in the way God is handled in the classroom. Rather than being eschewed like He is in many United States government schools, He is welcomed with open arms in the faith rich Caribbean. So there is no worries about kids starting early. They won't be confronted about gender identity, guilt due the Paris Accord, which bathroom to use, and so forth. Just the A,B, C's of learning. Kind of like the old days in this country, before the socialism invaded education in the 60's.
By the way, ever wonder why home schooled kids do so well? Curriculum and environment. I have yet to meet a home schooled kid who was lacking in anything. Home schools, private schools, some charter schools, and Montessori schools are (I am convinced), the wave of the future. Government schools, which at one time were the backbone of our country, are now nothing more than cesspools of hyper-sensitivity and political gobblety gook.
A few years ago, Marx Dayton was quoted as saying, "Minnesota is a high tax, high value state." Well Marx - you were half right. We pay 1/3 of our sky high taxes in this state to support a corrupt and broken public education system. Dayton's correct statement should have been, "We are a high taxed state with little to show for it in education". Then we could finally agree on something.