Sanctuary Minnesota

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"And if the Blue Wave does happen, many on the Right, the bill payers, the makers, will have a wave of their own. It will be called the 'good-bye' wave, as we head for a normal state to live in."

Our trio of Loon birds, who are vying for the D(fl) Governor nomination this year, have one very important thing in common. They want to be like their big brothers and sisters on the East and Left Coast. That is right - this trio of Loons not only want to make Minnesota VERY blue from the much anticipated "Blue Wave", but they also want to fix the "bigots" in this area by declaring the entire state - (drum roll, please) - sanctuary.
I had already suggested we be made a sanctuary state for refugees who are sick to death of paying our sky high state income tax. And I would be one of them. Nope. Walz, Otto and Murphy want this state to be a refuge for anyone who came here illegally. A safe place, where we could tell ICE agents to pound sand, and then send them packing. In fact, we could follow California's lead, and give the illegals driver's licences. Give them all the right to vote. Give them all the maximum benefits we have worked for our entire lives. I mean - why go through the rigors of normal citizenship when you can cheat the system. Works in New York and California. Why not Minnesota?
Truthfully - do these stooges in the D(fl) take the normal people in Minnesota for fools? Who is going to pay the freight on all of this? Who is going to explain to the LEGAL immigrants how and why they got screwed. Who is going to explain to the relatives of victims after the first Kate Steinle incident, that it is okay. Their sacrifice was after all, for the greater good.
The D(fl) with all their PC nonsense, have turned this state into a freak show. Now we have elementary age kids questioning what gender they are. Which bathroom to use. We have snowflakes on the campus of the University, demanding that if cops are allowed on campus, they not be armed. Huh? Has anyone seen the crime rate down there? What are cops suppose to do, blow their whistle and run after a Glock carrying thug holding only a billy club?
If the D(fl) really wants to drive this states into total ruination, all they need do is keep on with what they are doing. The "Prairie Populists" as Garrison Keillor liked to call us, might have to change our name to the "All Day Suckers" instead. I really don't understand why we have become so upside down in our culture. I can easily paint a very dystopian picture of what will happen to this state if the dreaded "Blue Wave" happens. And by the way, that picture is not pretty.
If the "Blue Wave" does happen, many on the Right, the bill payers, the makers, will have a wave of their own. It will be called the "good-bye" wave, as we head for a much more normal state to live in.