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  • What is with his map?

    Obviously Jesse Kelly knows nothing about the middle of the country. He needs to bend that northeast border to exclude southern Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Toss Chicago and Madison in with the East Coast and leave most of Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and the dry parts of Washington and Oregon in America.

    I don’t know what to do about the Twin Cities, maybe just offer free moving van rentals to Madison.

  • I agree that a division is necessary because we can’t all live under the same rules. But instead of dividing by states (which other commenters correctly note still leaves Red and Blue at war), why not use the tested-and-proven model of Indian Reservations? Red counties become the Federated States and that’s most of the geographical area of the nation. Blue counties become Liberal Reservations, similar to Indian Reservations, which are located within our nation but are allowed to have separate customs and traditions from the rest of us. I nominate Al Gore as Commissioner of the Bureau of Liberal Reservation Affairs.