The canary in Wisconsin

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"Time is running out folks. Nudge your Congressman or Senator. Look at Wisconsin and learn. Or, get used to being a back bencher again - at least for a while."

I was on assignment this week. I went behind "enemy lines" (spoken like a Viking's fan) to check up on the local elections in Wisconsin. I also did that two years ago, as a high school chum was running for a local office. What did I learn? If you live in St. Croix County, positive inroads were made. However, for most of the rest of the state, the wave came and went? Wave? The dreaded and predicted Blue Wave.
Even a much needed state Supreme Court justice was all but wiped out by his Democratic (and very liberal) opponent. That spells big trouble for Governor Walker. Why? It tips the court, and the term for a Supreme Court appointment is ten years. Ouch! The rest of the state reinforced what the pundits have been saying now for months. The 2018 midterms are going to be a game changer. Big time.
Trying always to look behind the headlines, I am stuck with "why?" The economy is s**t hot, unemployment has all but disappeared, we all have more money due to the tax cut, wage increases are back, and the country is for the most part at peace - so what gives?
What gives is 2016. The election which should not have turned out the way it did. Even though things are going VERY WELL under President Trump, there are still millions of sheeple who believe that under a President Hillary, they would be even better. Besides all of which, Trump and Putin stole the election from Hillary.
So here is the plan - hatched by the folks who NEVER think clearly. Get Democratic control back in the House and Senate. Maybe turn some state legislatures blue. This is the RESISTANCE, damn it! We are going to stop this "make believe" President in his tracks! However, this is what is really going to happen if the Blue Wave does come. Nothing. For two years, nothing will get done.
Then the people who ARE paying attention, will wonder why in the first two years of the Trump Administration, much happened. Then in the final two years, nothing happened. Then it will hit people like a bolt from the (dare I say it?) BLUE. Yes, that is right! The Blue Wave will turn out to be a toxic wave for the Democrats. They will once more be exposed as TOTAL obstructionists. President Trump, who is superb at playing the media, will make sure this message gets sent out each and every day of the Blue Wave.
Is there anything that could be done to thwart this approaching Blue Wave? Or is what happened this week in Wisconsin, a canary in the coal mine? Trump is doing just fine, thank you! But Congress - they stink to high Heaven! How about trying to match the President with getting stuff done? If it is Senate rules are messing things up, change them! That is what the President has been begging for. If the Congress continues to show the voters they can't govern, the voters will agree with them and send them home.
Time is running out folks. Nudge your Congressman or Senator. Look at Wisconsin and learn. Or, get used to being a back bencher again - at least for a while.