Springtime pleasures…

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"Thus - my Springtime pleasures. I anxiously await blessed Spring. And wait, and wait, and wait, AHHHH!!!!!!!!"

There is an old saying - "Anticipation of pleasure is often better than the pleasure itself". If that is the case, I am really enjoying awaiting Springtime! And why not? Every time time we get within a few yards of seeing some green sprouts, Mother Nature greets us with a few more inches of "partly cloudy", or Polar Vortex type temperatures, (or both!)
Today, my favorite meteorologist (whose initials are J.Y.) put out a very disturbing post. Was it obscene or tawdry? Not a bit - it was worse than that. It was his longer range forecast for the poor, suffering people of the Northland. You know - the people who live in the "Bold North", as we told the visiting crowds up to and during the Super Bowl event.
What was his forecast? He first acknowledged that we are 20 to 30 degrees below normal right now. And we have a (my words), "butt load" of snow on the ground. As nice of a guy as he is, did he give us words of comfort today? Nope. Buckle up, as we are four to five weeks behind schedule (from a meteorology viewpoint) for Spring. My words now - we are screwed.
Wait! Hold the phone! Speaking of "being screwed", were we not supposed to be bailing out Target Field this year from encroaching seawater? Per ALGORE? WTH? Was-up with all this cold weather, when we are supposed to be burning up with global warming. What? What do you mean? This cold and snowy spell is due to global warming also? Is everything due to global warming? Is the fact my Sweet 16 bracket got blown up by Loyola also a fault of global warming? Sheesh!!!
One of my friends told me to shut and sit down. After all, I escaped this winter twice to head south. But that is not the point. I escaped part of winter (and I will again next year) because I HATE WINTER IN MINNESOTA. It is tooooooo damn long! So then why live here? The taxes? Uh - no. It is the Spring. It is the Spring and early Summer. Fact. It is a (no pun) cold and hard fact. There are few places on this planet better than Minnesota in late April, May and into June.
Thus - my Springtime pleasures. I anxiously await blessed Spring. And wait, and wait, and wait, AHHHH!!!!!!!!