Pick Your Enemies

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Conservatives are throwing a tantrum. Trump is a complete failure and we’re all doomed because he signed the horrible, no good, very bad budget bill. Spending out of control! Mountain of debt! Economic collapse! Doom!

Yeah, but where’d he get the budget bill? From Congress, right? And Republicans control the Congress, remember? The Speaker of the House is Paul Ryan, R-Wisc and the Senate Majority Leader is Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky. If those schmucks passed the bill and sent it to Trump for signature, how is it his fault that the country is doomed? Why didn’t they exercise a little fiscal restraint?

Why is it Trump’s job to battle Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, the Deep State, Democrats and, oh yeah, Republicans, too?

Joe Doakes

Plenty of blame to go around, in my book.

SCENE: A recording studio. Mitch BERG is recording a voice-over for a video about Minnesota politics.

BERG: Democrat activist and former candidate Lindsey Port, whose allegations of sexual harassment against Al Franken led to his political demise…

PRODUCER: (breaks in) Er, let’s cut there.

BERG: Is everything OK?

PRODUCER: Yeah – but Port didn’t actually file charges against Franken. Franken was never alleged to have harassed her.

BERG: Ah. So – do it again?

PRODUCER: Yep. Take two!

BERG: Lindsey Port, whose condemnation of Al Franken led to his resignation..

PRODUCER: Er, cut.

BERG: OK, what’s up?

PRODUCER: Port didn’t condemn Franken. She never even mentioned him.

BERG: OK, so what happened?

PRODUCER: Democrats think the fact that she talked about sexual harassment at all helped lead to Franken’s resignation.

BERG: Really?


BERG: That’s just crazy.

PRODUCER: I know, right?

BERG: Minnesota Democrats, right?

PRODUCER: Yepper. Take three?

BERG: Lindsey Port was attacked by Minnesota Democrats for standing for something they claimed to believe in…

PRODUCER: Perfect. That’s a wrap.