The ‘sanctuary’ backlash starts

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I love it when uppity peasants tell a rogue government to obey the laws of the land. That’s what’s happening in California with regards to their unconstitutional sanctuary state law. The people are telling Gov. Moonbeam, aka Jerry Brown, and Xavier Becerra, his smug little State Attorney General, that they won’t obey the dictates of SB 54.

Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson said “These state laws are preempted by federal law. Our officers actually face penalties under state law if they so much as talk to federal agents for the wrong thing. That’s just unacceptable and it’s contrary to federal law.”

Nelson jumped onboard of a resolution initially brought on by Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel that would condemn the state’s sanctuary laws. She later added wording that would direct the county’s public counsel to take legal action. “We cannot allow this to happen in Orange County and we need to protect our families and our homes here in Orange County,” she said. “And that means bolstering our cooperation with federal immigration enforcement and stopping our county from becoming a sanctuary for criminal illegal immigrants.”

That’s just the start. Here’s more insurrection:

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, along with other California sheriffs, spoke out in opposition to the law, SB 54. On Monday, Hutchens made inmate release dates — including for those in the country illegally — public in response to the state law.

“We have an obligation to safeguard our community and we will use every tool available to help hold criminals accountable,” said Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes. “Our inability to relinquish these individuals to the custody of ICE causes them to be returned to the communities which they prey upon.”

Saying that things are getting tense is understatement:

I’m not on the ground in California but, if I had to guess, I’d guess that things will get more heated. Brown and Becerra overplayed their hands. Soon, they’ll pay the price for their arrogance.