Hogging The Limelight

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Never thought I’d see the mainstream media cover this angle to the “spontaneous student demonstrations” against law-abiding gun owners; as I’ve noted, Big Left only protests when it’s kids who look like the children of NPR executives being murdered.

Kids – black and brown ones, anyway – being killed daily in Democrat-run hellholes like North Minneapolis, Dayton’s Bluff, Newark, Camden, Baltimore, Oakland, Stockton, Sacramento, Saint Louis, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland? Not so much.

And someone finally covered that angle:

The pain was more than familiar to them, as was the loss. Not one student who spoke inside the school at 13th and Brandywine had been spared the impact of gun violence. One by one they talked of friends whose funerals were reminders of how growing old can never be taken for granted in some of the city’s neighborhoods, of fathers gunned down before their kids even learned how to say the word Dad. “My whole life I been afraid of the world around me,” wrote Simone Akridge, 15.

So they, better than most, knew how the Florida students felt.

It’s the attention the Florida students have gotten that felt unfamiliar and unjust when so little attention is paid to the gun violence that touches so many children in cities like Philadelphia.



Note to every African-American – it is unjust, because Big Left doesn’t care about you. You are worth more to them poor, badly-educated, and bleeding in an emergency room or cold in the ground than you are alive, healthy and participating in the free market – but not when it comes to reminding the nation that the places Big Left controls are failed states run in a symbiotic relationship with criminal enterprises financed by a black market in drugs that leads to carnivorous gang activity…

…that kills your kids.

Those hamsters parading around DC? They don’t see you, much less recognize your suffering.

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