Whole Hogg

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I make a particular effort not to call someone a Nazi, because (a) almost no one outside of the Illinois 3rd Congressional District is an actual Nazi, and (b) calling someone a Nazi is usually a response based on emotion, rather than reason.

I'm going to make an exception this time.

I'm particularly disgusted with David Hogg, the rank opportunist student from Stoneman Douglas High School who has built a podium for his own glory on the bodies of his fellow students. This kid looks like a young David Byrne, but he's a straight-up Nazi, all in with the gun grabbing goon squads who failed his dead classmates. He's more than happy to disarm you to please his masters. But he doesn't like clear backpacks, apparently:

After attacking American's Second Amendment rights for over a month, calling the NRA "child murderers," Hogg complained about having to use clear backpacks at school.

Hogg claimed that the decision by Democratic Broward County officials violated his "First Amendment rights" as he also cited potential embarrassment for students going through "their menstrual cycle" because of their "tampons and stuff."

"It’s unnecessary, it’s embarrassing for a lot of the students and it makes them feel isolated and separated from the rest of American school culture where they’re having essentially their First Amendment rights infringed upon because they can’t freely wear whatever backpack they want regardless of what it is," Hogg said.

His understanding of the First Amendment is as faulty as his understanding of the Second Amendment. I think the clear backpacks are ridiculous, too, but when you allow the government to start taking your rights away, what do you expect? If there's a Bill of Rights issue at play here, he might want to try the Fourth Amendment, but higher math may be beyond his ken, based on the available evidence.

Hogg and his Hitler Youth pals are converging on Washington today, demanding other people be disarmed so he feels safer. I guarantee Hogg that Scott Israel, the Broward County Sheriff whose officers were contemplating their navels while the bullets flew, won't be disarming himself. And when Hogg and his compatriots are no longer useful to the apparat (and his sell-by date is approaching), his best case scenario will be a billet in the ditch in Crawford next to Cindy Sheehan, although if he keeps swearing in his interviews he might get the Kent State treatment instead. Such are the wages of loving Big Brother.

Meanwhile, I was able to obtain an advance copy of Hogg's speech today. Interestingly, he decided to set it to music: