They’re Coming For A Lot More Than Your Guns

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The story of how the court can seize a person’s guns based on one quip alone is bad enough, but I have two more thoughts:
When the cops seize your guns, do they run the serial numbers to see if they’re stolen; or test-fire them and run ballistics to see if they were used in a crime? If not, why not; and if so, what happens to the value of your never-fired-new-in-the-box John Wayne Peacemaker when they fire it and who makes good on that?
Second, assume the Liberal psychological explanation is correct – gun owners are compensating for having a small penis. In that case, taking away my guns would be physiological castration. If I were a gun owner considering seeking mental health treatment but the price I’d have to pay would be castration, you can forget about it.
“But it’s for your own good.” That’s what they told the tomcat. He didn’t like it either, but he had no choice. I do. If you want to reduce the number of men killing themselves with guns, you must find an incentive for them to accept treatment. Loss of manhood is not it.
Joe Doakes

Put it another way: even back in the seventies, psychologists (in general) knew that telling homosexual children to not act gay was profoundly psychologically damaging; telling someone “don’t be what you are” is an invite for decades of misery.

Fair enough.

“Defend myself, those who depend on me, and my community” is as we discussed the other day a primary evolutionary imperative for men, and firearms are almost always the best way to do that. Forget about japes about penis size – those are for people who are compensating for lousy comedic chops. Disarming someone is an attack on what evolution tells them to be.

What could go wrong?

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They start sending their child shills to do “die-ins”:

About two dozen students let their actions speak for themselves afternoon at the State Capitol. They staged a die-in outside the House chamber to draw attention to their concern that not enough is being done to keep them safe in schools.

None of their bills are coming out of committee. The people bringing tne bills know that. The people doing the protesting – people with Urban Progressive Privilege from ages 13 to 90 – being atrociously ignorant of civics and history, don’t.

Big Left is banking that these antics will get more Urban Progressives riled up to come to the polls than Real Americans.

And if they’re right, then this nation is even more screwed than it is.