Monopoly money galore!!!

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"Welcome to 2018 - where the November wave might have just changed from purple to blue."

t is raining money outside! I will say this much, nobody on Planet Earth can spend money the way politicians can. And why not? It is not their money - however, they might think it is. In any event, the GFY 18 spending bill passed the Senate last night and is on to the President's desk for almost a sure signature. Do we care what is in it? Na! Better question - do we even know what is in it? Na, again!
Don't worry however, it is not just the feds who know how to spend and waste your money. Minnesota does pretty darn good also. How about that MNLARS? You know, the solution who first started looking for a problem, and then became the problem? Another $10M to fix this mess? I really would have expected the House, the controller of our tax money, to tell the Dayton Administration, "you broke it, you fix it". Tell them to take the money out of one of the other bloated pots.
In a church on Sunday, the congregation gives its tithes and offerings. The money is supposed to go for the work of the Lord. If the church staff mismanages the money offered, either heads roll on the church staff, or people leave the church to worship someplace else. With our tax money, we are stuck. We are spectators on the side lines, strapped in straight jackets. There is nothing we can do other than watch our tax money being wasted.
Wait! There is something we can do! We can vote the bastards out! Really? And vote in who? The people who promise to fix our broken system? The people who promise to control spending? The people who told us in no uncertain terms they were going to drain the swamp? Been there, done that. Some of the most pious on the campaign trail turn into the biggest financial sinners once they get to Washington or St. Paul.
Today is not a good day for the party faithful. Why? Many have lost faith. And when the base loses faith, they disengage. And when they disengage, they stay home. And when they stay home, the Democrats win. Welcome to 2018 - where the November wave might have just changed from purple to blue.