Electing the most conservative who can win the general

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"If you want the most conservative person who is electable, nominate Jeff. If you want to bring Minnesota back from the cliff, Jeff Johnson is the one to do it."

It has been said politically there are three main groups of people who live in Minnesota. The first and largest group, are the "blue pill" people. Or the "whatever" types. Many are Democrats, some are independents, and sadly, some are Republicans who have checked out. They don't really care who is running the state. Could be Karl Marx, could be Genghis Kahn, could be James Madison. It simply does not matter. They just go along, come along.
The second group is what I call the "Minnesota Lost" group. They have either fled the state, or are making plans to do so. Why? Most are conservatives who believe the long term damage the progressives have done to this state is irreversible. In other words, get out while the getting is good. Sad to see many of these folks go. For years they have been part of the backbone keeping things together.
The final group is what I call the "Minnesota Fixers". These are the people who believe with the right type of governance, Minnesota can start to heal. Can become livable again. I am part of that group. I don't want to cede this state to the progressives quite yet. My family lives here. Many of my friends live here. My history is here. As much as I bitch about the winter weather (right Daryl?), I still think this state is worth fighting for. If I do leave, I want it to be under my own conditions, with my terms. Not because I was driven from here economically.
To fix this state, we need to fall back on an old (yet true) axiom. For Governor, for our Constitutional offices, for the Minnesota House, or Minnesota Senate, we need to run people who are the most electable conservatives. It does no good to nominate someone who cannot be elected. Plus, it does no good to elect Republicans who govern like Democrats.
For many years, Republicans in the first group I mentioned, have decided to run squishy and purple RINOs for just about any office. The result? Those who won ended up governing similar to Democrats. State spending went up, taxes went up, and the size of government went up. Ergo, the growing size of the "Minnesota Lost" group.
This year, we have a chance to nominate for Governor someone quite different. Not a re-run, not a has been, not a pretender. This year we can get a real, honest to goodness conservative who can win the general election. If I did not know this to be true, I would be penning another subject this morning. Yes, I am talking about Hennepin County Commission Jeff Johnson.
For those who do not know Jeff, or are not yet sold on him, here is what Jeff would invite you to do. First, don't take my word for Jeff's qualifications. He would like you to check his record. Check his LEA scores when he served in the Minnesota House. Check his voting record on the Hennepin County Board.
If you want to know Jeff's vision for Minnesota, please visit his website at http://www.johnsonforgovernor.org. Or, talk to anyone on Jeff's team. Talk to me. If you get the chance to meet Jeff while he is on the trail, ask Jeff the hard questions. He is ready to answer. Jeff does not hide the truth nor duck tough questions. He would love for all Minnesotans to get to know about himself and his positions.
Four years ago when I was on Jeff's team, I would often refer to him as "the mechanic". Why? Unlike a glossy car salesman who will promise the moon and back, Jeff is a fixer. He is not glossy with a bunch of affectations, he is just real. He knows what needs to be fixed in this state, and how to do it. Most importantly, he wants the "Minnesota Lost" group to once again feel welcomed in this state. He wants Minnesota to be business friendly, family friendly and senior friendly.
This year, don't be fooled by oxymoron's like "conservative Democrat" or "progressive Republican". Both are more purple than Barney the Dinosaur. If you want the real deal, vote Jeff Johnson. If you want the most conservative person who is electable, nominate Jeff. If you want to bring Minnesota back from the cliff, Jeff Johnson is the one to do it.