Crime time

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The last 24 hours have been busy. Hennepin County finally got around to charging the cop who killed Justine Damond. A good guy with a gun stopped a shooter in a high school in Maryland. And the guy who was terrorizing Austin with bombs blew himself up as the police were closing in.

Of these stories, the one in Maryland is the most important, but also most likely to disappear from the news cycle, because it runs counter to the narrative. See if this argument sways you:

Speaking of fantasies

I'm not sure how Zal (whoever he is, but he's official) plans to stop all kids from getting guns, but I have to imagine a certain amount of fantasy, backed by overwhelming brute force, would be necessarily involved. Apparently in Zal's world, doing what works gets in the way of doing what he wants. And while a 17-year old is not legally an adult, it's misleading to refer to him as a child. Show us your plan, Mr. Zal. Tell us how you're going to prevent "children" from getting guns. Provide details, please.

We'll be watching the Damond case closely, but at this point I only have one conclusion -- it's still awfully tough to convict a cop.