Our morphed culture

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"The world expects more of America. They always have, they always will."

When I read the news these days, I wonder what has happened to us. I really do. Our once great cities have become hollowed out. The division between races has gone from bitter to acerbic. The government spends money we don't have like it is monopoly money. Worst of all - we don't cherish human life as much as we should.
If you think this is just the Bird exercising histrionics, I am not. I am dead serious when I say this. I also hear it in spades from others who graduated about the time that I did. Things have changed. Most things have changed - and not for the better.
Another school shooting today. It was predicted. Two kids wounded, and the young gunman was killed in an exchange of bullets with an armed patrolman. As serious as this was (and it was very serious), it became last page news compared to the other stories happening today. Other stories? Like the package bomber? Yes. Something else, we did not have to deal with when I was young.
Okay. I will say it. Why? First off, I have the guts to ask this question in a PC quagmire. Second, this is my blog. Sorry if that sounds bad, but it is. So, let me spit this out. We need to turn the clock back on our country. Like now - or maybe yesterday.
I HATE what our country has morphed into. I HATE how human life has been redefined as nothing more than a tumor. I HATE how we have shown God the closet, rather than the front entrance. I really HATE how we have dumbed down teaching so much, our kids don't know American history or civics when they graduate - that is, if they graduate at all. And I really hate what has happened to our family life. We have gone from Ozzie and Harriet families to something worse than The Simpsons.
Two words I would love to have eviscerated from our lexicon is dysfunctional and entropy. I have heard those loathsome words describe our society and/or our families way too many times. You can describe me as anachronistic - that is fine with me. I don't want to end up like a Homer Simpson. I want to be like Ward Cleaver instead.
Why this rant on a Tuesday afternoon? Call it a plea for action instead. Rescue our families. Save our schools. Protect our children. Secure our borders. Renew our faith in God. We need help folks, we really do. We have been like frogs in slowly boiling water. The changes have come slow and steady. So much so, we take them for granted. But they are ruining us as a people.
Some reporter asked at the daily press conference today if our President lectured Putin on civil rights. How about if we first look in the mirror rather than out the front window. We need to get our bearings back, and fast. Until then, we have no right to lecture anyone about anything. Our house needs to cleaned, our clock needs to be turned back, and we need to rediscover ourselves. Time to get to this Mr. President. We are ready to follow in this most important renewal.
Until then, we are just another troubled country in search of itself. The world expects more of America. They always have, they always will.