Leftist narratives done before they started

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The mass shooting at Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was still fresh in America's consciousness when word of another school shooting occurred on Tuesday morning.

A gunman who shot and wounded two students at Great Mills High School in Maryland was killed Tuesday after engaging an armed school resource officer, an official said.

The shooter was the only fatality. A female student was critically injured and a male student was also shot but is in stable condition at a hospital, authorities said.

"Our school resource officer was alerted to the event. he pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter, fired a round at the shooter," St. Mary's County Sheriff Tim Cameron said. "The shooter fired a round as well. In the hours and days to come, we'll be able to determine if our school resource officer's round struck the shooter."

This is what happens when a good guy with a gun engages the active shooter (unlike the resource officer who stood down in Parkland). Also, Maryland has some tight gun restrictions, proving once again that someone determined to perpetrate a violent act is not deterred by laws.

Nevertheless, gun grabbers will likely shriek for more draconian "gun control" laws and will still label the National Rifle Association a "terrorist organization" despite this incident pretty much validating every assertion put forth by the pro-gun crowd (not to mention an FBI study conducted on active shooter engagement). It's almost as if gun grabbers have pre-progammed chanting points readily available in an effort to gin up anger towards law abiding gun owners, regardless of concrete facts regarding a specific incident. It really is a vicious cycle.