Wearing out one’s welcome…

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"Sorry Tim. Not your year, not your race, no longer your state."

Most of us have experienced this in the past. It usually happens with relatives instead of friends. But it can happen there also. Overstaying the welcome. Talk about uncomfortable! Really puts the host in a pinch. "Go with the flow, and put a sock in it", or speak truth. Tell the guests it is time for them to move on. And - where it really gets sticky, is when you have a guest who has already overstayed his or her welcome, and then wants to come back for another uncomfortable visit. Ouch! Welcome to the world of Tim Pawlenty.
Just to replay some good Minnesota history. Tim does two terms as our state Governor. By the time his second term was up, he decided not to go for a third term. Why? He wanted to "follow his muse" as a lobbyist. And why not? The "swamp" is very inviting for ex-politicians. He found a good gig which paved the road to Wall Street riches. How do I know? It was reported that last year, his Wall Street firm paid him $2.8M. Meanwhile, from the time he walked out the door to very recently, he has treated Minnesota like a red headed stepchild. In other words, he dropped us like a bad habit.
The independents and conservatives in Minnesota grew tired of Tim's purple leadership. The following election, Minnesota elected a health imparred statist. While this statist was serving as one of our Senators, he was named one of the worst Senators in the history of the galaxy. Thanks for nothing Tim! Tim did not set the table for a steady continuation of Republican Governor leadership. Instead all we got were dirty dishes and eight years of Dayton.
Talk is our unwanted guest wants to come in from the cold. Rumors are also flying he and his donors in Florida and Minnesota, have come up with a scheme to maybe broker our state convention. It involves choosing one of the current candidates for his Lieutenant Governor who has enough pledged delegates to derail the nomination of Jeff Johnson. Rather than putting in the blood, sweat and tears while on the campaign trail, Tim just wanted take a short cut. A short cut which will ruin the convention for hundreds of elected delegates as well as tens of thousands of party faithful.
To be brutally honest, this might only be so much political homespun right now. All we know for sure is Tim quit his very high paying job, and he has been courting big cigar donors. Beyond that, all we have is conjecture. If this rumor has all been "sound and fury signifying nothing", then let me apologize in advance. If however it is not, this will not be the last time I address this issue.
One final thing. Should MN GOP end up with Tim Pawlenty as it's nominee, a plain fact of life needs to be known. Tim Pawlenty is un-electable. He may steal the nomination from Jeff Johnson, but that is as far as it will go. Why? The DFL with chew Pawlenty up and spit him out. In the past few years, he has lived a life Democrats love to stereotype. Big, fat cats with strong ties to Wall Street. Wall Street instead of Main Street.
Pawlenty's frosting on the cake of disappointment will be this. Many in the base will not support him. They want a red meat conservative, not a purple RINO. They will either stay home or vote third party. Witness what happened to Mitt Romney in 2012.
Yes, the animus to have a purple Governor parading as a Republican following eight painful years of Dayton is really that strong. Don't believe it? Ask President Trump. It was his strong, unwavering base which put him over the line. Sorry Tim. Jeff Johnson has put his base together, one voter at a time. His base is broad and strong. This is not your year, not your race, and no longer your state.