SCSU professor verbally assaults student, calls it “private matter”

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Recently, SCSU Sociology Professor Tracey Ore came unhinged on campus. When she realized that her diatribe was being taped, she insisted that the cameraman stop taping and to delete the outburst. Mark Wasson of the SCSU Chronicle reports that “Students, upset over a display put up by the St. Cloud State University’s (SCSU) College Republicans gathered in front of the display case while members of the SCSU College Republicans defended the display. While students were discussing this issue, Professor Tracy Ore, who teaches Sociology at SCSU, confronted UTVS News Director and University Chronicle Managing Editor, Kyle Fahrmann, who was acting as a UTVS cameraman, about recording during the ordeal and demanded he not only stop recording but also delete any footage he had taken.”

Then things got weird:

The student Ore was speaking to was the then VP of the College Republicans (VP). He asked that his name not be used in this article. The VP said that Ore, himself and former President of the College Republicans, Mathias Eike had been talking earlier.

He said the conversation became very heated, and that Eike left and that Ore and himself stepped off to talk about things after Eike departed. The VP also said “I could easily tell [Ore] was emotionally charged about it all. And she was really mad and telling me, even when I was being calm with her, ‘to get educated’ on the issue.”

Talk about disrespectful. Prof. Ore lost it. Then she started making unreasonable demands:

He said Ore was “a little riled up” from the way Eike was speaking to her and was talking to the VP with a raised tone in a “mean lecturing voice” and also talking down to him. It was during that conversation that Fahrmann decided to start filming.

When contacted via email Ore was open to comment on the incident but stated she did not know why the University Chronicle would be interested in a “private matter.

I can’t wait to hear Prof. Ore explain how a heated exchange caught on film in Atwood Center is a “private matter.” There’s no expectation of privacy in a hallway in that building. Prof. Ore knows that. It’s just her attempt to hide an embarrassing episode.

If this is how Prof. Ore treats students, perhaps it’s time for her to find a new profession. Clearly, she doesn’t have the right temperament to teach. She’d be better as a political activist/agitator.