A slope so very slippery

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"Many of us believe in 'shall not be infringed' as much as we believe in America. Why? For without that phrase, we might not have an America much longer. Our Founders understood that. Why can't we?"

Yesterday a bunch of young kids, co-opted by the Loony Left, left class to demonstrate against - law abiding gun owners. Wait Bird! That is not true! They were demonstrating against the NRA! No, what I said is true. Since the NRA is an organization made up of law abiding gun owners (some members don't even own a gun - they just believe in the Second Amendment), that is who these poor, uninformed kids were protesting against.
Supporters of the Second Amendment have talked until blue in the face on why the Second should not be messed with. My belief is this - one of the reasons the Founders put the phrase "shall not be infringed" in the Second Amendment was they were afraid of the slippery slope. And so am I. How would the slippery slope work? Here is how.
The gun grabbers talk Congress into making a small change in our already voluminous gun laws. Initiate a more universal back ground check (even though right now they are extensive). That passes, and six months later there is another school shooting. The gun grabbers are back at it, demanding that Congress pass an "assault weapons ban". Since there are no assault weapons which are legal right now, they will demand certain semi-automatic weapons be banned, and the size of magazines be regulated. A cowed Congress agrees, and another new law is passed.
Three months pass, and yet another school shooting happens. With one of the banned guns using a number of magazines larger than what is now legal. How can that be? Those guns and magazines are illegal. Anyhow, the gun grabbers are back, clamoring to Congress to DO SOMETHING! We are a civilized country with police and a military, so there is no need for any person to own a gun! Hunting? That is so yesterday. If you are hungry, just go to Cub Foods and buy some meat.
Congress agrees. It is time to end this ancient right. The process begins to amend our Constitution. After a couple years, the amendment process is complete, and the Second Amendment is gone. All guns in the United States are now illegal, except for law enforcement and the military. The ink is barely dry on our newest amendment, when in California, there is another huge school shooting. This one is the worst ever, carried out by MS-13 (who live safely in a sanctuary state). The weapons used are banned AR-15's with bump stocks, purchased in Mexico, and smuggled over the border.
What else would be going on besides school shootings? Crime is running rampant all over the country. It is open season on victims. Home invasions, burglaries, robbery's, assaults, rapes, murders - all on the rise. Why? The cops are told by the mayors in large, blue, sanctuary cities to tread lightly. They don't want to be accused of profiling or anything like that.
This is a future for America I never want to see. Nor do millions of other law abiding, gun owning citizens. Many of us believe in "shall not be infringed" as much as we believe in America. Why? For without that phrase, we might not have an America much longer. Our Founders understood that. Why can't we?