The spy who became cold

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"Trump knows how to win, and will not be afraid to do it here if push came to shove with Russia. Just saying."

Move over lovers of Vince Flynn books (as I am), as this story is not fiction. Could be, and would make a great fictional story, but it is true. And it could end up being a very, very hot mess. Like close to a war hot mess.
For those who missed it (and it was easy to miss, as it started out small), a Russian double agent was assassinated on British soil. Okay - so what. The Russians are famous of offing their own when they turn bad. This was a bit different however. The double agent was killed with by what is known as Novichok nerve agent - developed by the Soviets in the 70's and 80's. Simply put, this nerve agent is classified as a WMD - in anybody's book.
From what I understand, the trace elements left from this nerve agent are very distinctive. It was therefore easy for the Brits to identify. And the finger of guilt is pointed straight to Moscow, and good old Vladimir Putin. Prime Minister May has put Putin on notice that he has until midnight (GMT) to explain how this banned substance got onto British soil.
One thing we know about Vlad. He can dish it out, but cannot take it. Even though he had hours to go before the deadline, he told Prime Minister May (in so many words), to stuff it. "You don't ever threaten a nuclear power!", he scolded her. Note to President Trump - remember those words in case the "Rocket Man" decides to threaten one of our cities again.
Oh, one more thing Vlad (and this is a minor detail). The UK has 215 nukes, which makes them the 5th largest nuclear power in the world. And, as member of NATO, that would also bring in France with 300 nukes as well as the US with our paltry 6,800 nukes.
How is this going to end? Poorly for the Russians. Are we going to blow them into kingdom come? Not hardly. But diplomatic relations will take a hit, and more sanctions might be in the offing. If Vlad wants to play bad boy on a worldwide stage, he needs to know there is a price to pay for doing so.
I do however think that when President Trump gets back from rustling feathers out in California, he should have a heart to heart talk with Vlad. Just to let him know that if anymore if that illegal and immoral Novichok nerve agent ends up in NATO territory, the "ship is really going to hit the sand". Screwing with our election process is one thing - bringing a WMD over to NATO is quite another.
One final word for Vlad. The streets of Manhattan are littered (figuratively) with the bodies of people who took Trump too lightly in business deals. I would suggest that Vlad also not take our President to a the fool in foreign affairs. Trump knows how to win, and will not be afraid to do it here. Should push came to shove with Russia, it might not end well for you. Just saying Vlad, just saying.