Sixteen months later, they *still* don’t get it

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I understood the rationale as to why some conservatives as well some white working class who typically voted Democrat decided to pull the lever for Donald Trump in 2016. I ultimately didn't agree with their reasoning and believed they would likely regret that support, but I nevertheless gleaned they were legitimately frustrated. Something had to change, for better or worse.

When Trump won, it sent shock waves through the political establishment. And while some leftists accepted the 2016 results as a hard lesson learned, it seems a majority of "progressives" have doubled down on their sneering and condescension as opposed to listening the concerns which resulted in someone like Trump being elected president.

You would think if there's merely one person who would be open to serious introspection, it would be Trump's 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton. Alas, if that is your belief, you are far too optimistic.

Let's go live now to the Hillary Clinton 2020 presidential campaign:

Donald Trump once talked on tape about grabbing women by the....well...y'know. As a sitting president, he launches personal insults towards those who criticize him. His stump speeches are typically divisive.

Despite all that, Mrs. Clinton somehow manages to make Trump seem more likable than herself. No small feat.