Excuses, Excuses

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails

All the polls showed Hillary winning in a walk. When she didn’t, her original claim was the Russians must have hacked into electronic voting machines to change vote totals. When that was disproved, it changed to collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign to steal Hillary’s emails and thereby persuade Americans she was a crook. When that didn’t pan out, it changed to Russian “meddling” in the election by placing Facebook ads and fake news stories to mislead voters. If the Democrats lose in the midterms, they’ll insist it wasn’t their fault, it was the Russians.
When Liberals lose, they have three arguments: we must not have gotten our message out because if we had, sensible voters would have agreed with us [see also “What’s The Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Franks – Ed.] ; we did get our message out but the voters are stupid, racist, haters bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles; or we got our message out and persuaded the voters but due to some outside force like weather or confusing ballots, we wuz robbed.
The Russian hack and Russian collusion claims are variations on We Wuz Robbed. The Russian Meddling claim is Voters Are Stupid (because they fell for fake news). Frankly, it’s all a bit insulting. I got their message, I understood it, and I rejected it because their policies are bat-s**t crazy and their candidate was an evil witch. And that’s the real problem – Liberals can’t acknowledge those as valid reasons to vote against them because doing so would mean Liberals themselves are crazy. Nope, can’t be that. Must be the Russians.
Now, about the recent fiasco in Texas, where Democrats were predicting a Blue Wave and had a record turn-out only to find Cruz had an even bigger turnout . . . which excuse will Liberals use?
Joe Doakes

Russians. If only because the shelf date on Serbs passed 15 years ago.

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