Not one more dime!!!

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"And by the way, this is for the Loony Left - don't you DARE say the funding is "for the children", until you also agree to harden these soft target schools."

Okay Minnesota Representatives - this is mostly for you! The citizenry of this state is fed up! This cabal of K-12 education, higher education, and Education Minnesota has driven this state into a top tier of highly taxed states. And, to put frosting on the cake, our kids are not even safe anymore in our government schools!
What happened last month in Florida was the last straw. It really was. What was a jaw dropper shortly after the shooting was in Florida was this. One of the stations had a local FBI agent on the local news. When asked about the causality for the shooting, he did not go into any gun control nonsense. He said our schools today are the softest of all targets. And having signs on the front door (no guns allowed), is a joke devoid of humor.
But then he said something which turned out to be punch line - the real showstopper. He has studied all the school shootings since Columbine. The ones where fortunately nobody was killed, to the nastiest of them all - Sandy Hook. He went on to say that NOTHING has changed in most of our schools since Columbine. In other words, the next school shooting is already in the cards. Our kids are sitting ducks, as we play our fiddle while Rome burns.
How about Minnesota, where we pour so much money into education, it breaks the taxpayer's backs. Our schools are just as soft as they always have been - most have not spent a dime to harden them.
I said this when we got home from Florida - if we still had kids in the public school system, I would pull them out. I would keep them out until the schools could prove to me they were safe.
So what do I, as a taxpayer expect? Not one more dime for K-12 until they harden every school. Period. No excuses. No discussion. No begging. Not one more dime.
One more thing while I am on my education rant. In the paper this week, the U of M (which could not manage a budget if their very existence were at stake), has offered to freeze tuition for in-state students. That is (comma), if the legislature gives them an additional $10M! Bull Crap! No! Manage your money better! Find $10M of fat to cut!
The Speaker of the Minnesota House comes out of my BPOU. Come on Kurt! Show leadership by getting our out of control education spending in line! And while I am at it, this is for the Loony Left - don't you DARE say education funding is "for the children". That is, until you also agree to harden these very soft targets called schools.