And so it starts…

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"Bottom line? Enjoy the change. More to come."

When Glenn Beck started out one of his shows late this week, he said this was one of the toughest days of his career. Why? So many big things happened this week, that he did not know where to start. To a lesser degree, the Bird has the same issue. It really was a target rich week for those who broadcast or blog.
The upcoming face to face with the Norks, our red hot economy (even made headlines in the ultra lib Star-tribune), Gary Cohn leaving the White House, and so forth. But hidden beneath the fold, was an story of great (in my opinion) importance. Uber, one of the companies which is pushing diver-less technology, has launched a fleet of driver-less trucks for hauling freight in Arizona. This is huge.
However, that was just the first step. These trucks are not truly driver-less. There is still a human on board for "just in case" reasons, as well to dock and un-dock the truck. But what the hey - it is a start!
On a more minor note, it was also reported that the driver-less people mover which operated during the Super Bowl in Minneapolis exceeded expectations. There are some which want to put this project in hyper-drive. "Hold on!", said the choo choo loving Governor. "We need some money from the legislature so we can study this to death (my sarcasm included).
I will say one more time, this coming technology (which now has started), is going to change everything for everyone. The "on demand" crowd will absolutely love it! So will the police. Why? Today in the paper was an article saying our distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions. And driving under the influence has not let up. Just this week, we lost a young lady from the town I live in who was visiting Florida. The van she was riding in was hit by a drunk driver, and she was killed.
One more point of order. in 2025, when the driver-less transition is in full swing and the brand new, over budget, Southwest Light Rail comes on line, the on demand Millennial crowd will run away from that (or any other) choo choo as fast as their Nike's will take them. All these wonderful trains, the brain child of the Met Council, will be sitting idle and gathering dust. Then a chorus of tax papers will be clamoring for scalps. But the guilty party(s) will have already moved on by then.
For my friends in Arizona, don't get freaked out when you see a "ghost truck" approaching in the other lane. It is probably a lot safer than a truck driven by an overworked operator. Besides all of which - you are getting the first look on something the rest of us will not see for a year or so. Bottom line? Enjoy the change. More to come.