Why education funding is so expensive

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A great example was on display today's House Government Operations Committee of why it's so hard to cut costs in Education. This committee heard a bill creating a workgroup examining special education funding. The bill is HF 2846 Christiansen.

Let's say that again. The bill would create A WORKGROUP to TALK about finding cost savings in special education funding and present a report to the legislature of its findings.

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The 2015 Legislative Session ended with a furious push to a chaotic, frantic finale after midnight Monday. Both the DFL controlled Senate and the Republican controlled house packed up and vacated the Capitol, handing the building off to the construction crews before more damage was done to the taxpayers of Minnesota.

The bipartisan agreement reached by DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and Republican Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt is already unraveling. The gruff, unshaven Governor held a press conference with a tirade about not getting his version of early childhood education investment and vetoed the K-12 bill (now referred to as the E-12 bill) just 16 hours after the end of session. Just last night DFL Senate K-12 chair Chuck Wiger extolled the significant virtues of the $400 million of new taxpayer dollars dedicated to educating the youth of the state. Even media have been pointing out that the bill was bipartisan.

So--In this mad rush to the constitutionally mandated adjournment, let’s pause and ask: what happened?

We’ll hit some of the key points now before we begin to dig into the details in preparation for our 2015 Taxpayers League Scorecard.

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When I was elected to the state Senate in 2010, serving in 2011-12, I went in with a set of ideals: limited, more responsible government and having government live within its means.

To frame this correctly, be reminded that the state was facing a nearly $5 billion deficit, and companies large and small were tightening their belts. They were re-organizing and resizing to remain competitive. Employees were asked to take pay and/or benefit cuts, hopefully temporary, to help the company survive. Many lost jobs.

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It’s time once again for the annual Tax Cut Rally, Minnesota’s largest gathering of conservative activists!

The Tax Cut Rally has been a Minnesota tradition for over 15 years. In recent years, we’ve expanded the Tax Cut Rally into an issues fair and the undisputed largest annual gathering of conservative activists in Minnesota. We hope to keep building on that success, but there are new challenges this year. Half of the Capitol’s Upper Mall is now a parking lot while numerous construction projects are underway. We’re proceeding, regardless! It should be the most newsworthy rally, ever, in fact, because of the new challenges. Be there for this historic event.

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