Bitt R. Clinger Speaks on the NRA!

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"It is a slippery slope folks. Once we lose the Second Amendment protection, others will soon follow. We must protect the Second at all costs."

Hi folks. Bitt R. Clinger here. Earlier this year, my good friend the Very Angry Bird (VAB I call him), announced that he would let me "take the podium" (so to speak) to voice my opinions on American history issues or gun rights. Seems after all this hub-bub on this most recent school shooting down in Florida, as well as the constant demonetization of the NRA, the VAB asked me to weigh in. So here it goes.
As some might know, I am a life member of the NRA. Have been for years. I also hunt, fish, shoot traps and target practice. However, the fact I like the recreational use of my firearms, has NOTHING to do with why I joined the NRA. I joined because the NRA is two things to me. First, it is the stalwart protector of our Second Amendment rights. I dare way without the NRA, our Second Amendment would have gone the way of the Dodo bird decades ago.
Secondly, did you know the NRA is one of the first civil rights organizations? They worked in teaching black folks how to use firearms to protect themselves from the abuses of the KKK. What? You mean to tell me the NRA is not a redneck organization like the Left leads us to believe? Yes, I am saying that. It is fact.
History has shown that time and time again, when a government turns tyrannical (it happens much too frequently), and disarms its citizenry, bad things happen. Our Second Amendment is our "checks and balances" against that ever happening in America. Myself, I am fully supportive of Constitutional Carry. No infringement what so ever. But the "bed wetters" would pitch a fit should we ever get to that stage. Do you want to see the Left really have a hissy fit? Lets talk about the repeal of the National Firearms Act of 1934. That should do it!
Anyhow, as most of us know, mass shootings have NOTHING to do with the firearms. NOTHING! Firearms have been around since the beginning, and it is only recently that a small percentage of the public have been using firearms for nefarious purposes. We need to focus on that issue. What has happened to our society which causes these tragedies. While we are doing that, we need to leave the law abiding, gun owning patriots alone!
Here is what I recommend. For those who support the NRA, and are members, thank you. Keep it up. For those who are not, please consider joining. Even if you don't hunt. Even if you don't own a firearm. Please join. It is only $30 a year, and every dollar helps keep the gun grabbers at bay.
It is a slippery slope folks. Once we lose the Second Amendment protection, others will soon follow. We must protect the Second at all costs! We owe it to the Founders. We owe it to ourselves, Most importantly, we owe it to generations yet to come.