Democats! Ignore Ed Morrissey!

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I encourage everyone to read this investigative report from RealClearPolitics. The author, Paul Sperry, draws a direct line between the Obama Administration’s policy on school discipline and Nicholas Cruz being able to pass a background check.

Cruz committed felonies on multiple occasions, yet the Broward County School System had an agreement with the sheriff’s office to not charge him (and others) criminally.

There something that every dreamsickle and civil rights advocate can agree on – and that is violent felons should not be allowed access to firearms.

Apparently, Obama, the Obama Department of Education and the Broward County Sheriff and School Board – believes that they should.


Cutting spending reduces expense? Surely you jest! And no moose were hurt either!

Still, a billion dollar surplus means Maine denizens are getting gouged on their tax bills. Using general fund as a bank is only an invitation for somebody to raid the bank, especially if demoncRats take over.