Another grand bargain….

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"Anyhow, that is my chip. That is the deal. Abolish abortion in return for some watering down of the Second Amendment. One time offer. Take it or leave it."

A while back, I put forward an idea for this state. It seems that we have been trouble getting the enhanced ID enough traction to make it universally popular. To test the waters, when my license update was due last December, I went ahead and upgraded to the enhanced driver's license. It was more money and more of a hassle. Many on my side of the aisle don't like it because it is too intrusive. And it was.
The bargain I proposed was this. We go ahead full bore with the enhanced ID. Everyone gets one. However, since this ID is so very important, we would also have this valid ID ready for identification purposes for many things. Like voting. Yes, Voter ID would be a part of enhanced ID. You need one to vote.
Right after I let that idea fly, I had some telling me I was mixing apples and oranges. I know I was. Others told me I had rocks in my socks. But who cares? Voter ID is STILL very important to a state which is plagued with voter fraud.
Here is my next grand bargain. This just came to me last night when we were visiting the kids. Right now the Left is all up in our business about getting guns off the street. "They are killing our kids!" they clamor about. The Right has come back with a real solution to school shootings - hardening the schools. The Left hates that idea. Meanwhile, both sides are talking, and nobody is listening. Just like after New Town, after a while the talk will stop, and we just wait for the next soft target to be hit.
I would like to propose something from a new viewpoint. This might be an opportunity to right a wrong which has been killing our very young people for decades now. It is killing more by orders of magnitudes than gun violence. Yes, I am talking about the taking of innocent life out of the womb - abortion on demand.
If we could make that illegal for once and for all, maybe, just maybe we could give up something very important to those on the Right. Maybe we could tinker around the edges of gun control. Like the limiting the size of magazines. Or maybe closing the gun show loop hole. Or raising the age to buy a gun. But that is as far as it goes. We would NOT give up our Second Amendment rights - just maybe just trim around the edges. To save hundreds of thousands of innocent lives through abortion, this might be worth the trade.
Trust me - I am a staunch Second Amendment guy. In fact, I fully support Constitutional Carry. But I am also a staunch Right to Life guy also. I want abortion ended like yesterday.
If the Left truly wants us to believe they are concerned about the children, they would jump on this deal. We could call it the Save the Children Act. But they are not. Abortion is their battle cry. And children are their pawns as they are only concerned with issues, not results. Being referred to as the "Party of Death" rolls off their backs just like water off a duck. So they would never go for the grand bargain. I wish they would, but they won't.
Anyhow, that is my chip. That is the deal. Abolish abortion in return for some watering down of the Second Amendment. This is a one time offer Di-Fi. Take it or leave it.