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I saw this Facebook status update from my friend and Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Mitch Berg.

Closed Circuit to my 2nd Amendment friends: You know when your Democrat friends take on that condescending voice and coo "nobody's coming for your guns?"

Linda Slocum's bill in this year's legislature is coming for your guns. This bill trashes the Fourth Amendment along with the Second. Seriously - even if you're *anti*-gun, the details of Slocum's bill would make a soviet-era kommissar blanche from the overreach; it trashes your privacy rights along with everything else.

Rob Doar from the MNGOC explains it here.
If you're a 2nd Amendment supporter who has, to borrow a phrase, "gotten tired of all the winning" - well, vacation is over. You need to renew your NRA membership, join up and donate to the MN Gun Owners Caucus...

... and put some PTO aside, because the good guys are going to need to start packing the hearings again. All that Bloomberg money buys a lot of community organizers, and that means lots of mads coming out to events. Gone are the days when the good guys would outnumber the walkers 30-1 without breaking a sweat.

When it comes to defending your civil rights, the only easy day was yesterday.

I'm in!