A BIG Plan

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Driving home across four states and what seemed like a zillion miles, we listened to a lot of talk radio (mostly Fox) on our Sirius Radio. Many topics were discussed (yes, in full disclosure, I even listened to an hour of CNN - almost drove off the road!). But the main topic was the school shooting in Florida. On the Chris Wallace show (which is replayed on FNC at 1 pm on Sundays), Wallace had a father on who had lost his daughter in the Florida shootings.
As the father of two girls, I could not imagine the bravery of this man in coming on the television. And then, talking as cogent as he did about this very recent tragedy. Me? I would have still been a pile of mush in some corner of some room. Anyhow, through his grief, this man had the most profound things to say. No, he is not looking backward to blame Sheriff Israel, his deputies, the FBI, or even the much vilified NRA.
Really? Then what did the father have to say? How do we prevent something like this from EVER happening again. He went on to say, "Don't give me politics which divide us, give us solutions which can ensure our schools are safe". And that is when it hit me. It is time for a big - no a really BIG plan.
President Trump said he is tired of all this talk and politics on this issue. Amen to that sir! He wants action this time around. Once again, amen to that sir! However, there are many (dare I say a majority) of folks who after seeing the "nothing burger" which resulted from Newtown, are getting ready to call BS? Why? Based on history (as well as good intentions), NOTHING EVER GETS DONE!
So, what is the plan, man (as the counter culture once said)? I will tell you what the plan is. What I think the President should do. And this might put him in an esteemed place (maybe even on Mt. Rushmore), in our history books. This weekend, issue an Executive Order which would mandate classes in every school across the nation, cancelled. That is, until each school can prove (and verify), their students are safe to learn there.
Bird! Are you nuts??? Do you know what kind of chaos that would cause? Yes, I do. And we need it. Do you want action? "Necessity is the mother of invention". Millions of working mothers or fathers, force to take time off work, clamoring to their school boards to GET THIS FIXED! All of a sudden, you would see these "broke" districts come up with the funds to have a single point of entry entrance, metal detectors, and a full time (trained) armed (yet concealed), guard.
What would happen then? Unless the bad guy (or gal) was Seal Team 6 trained, he or she could not get into the school and commit carnage. Problem solved? Maybe not totally, but almost.
Tomorrow, millions of kids are going back to school. Will they be safer? Not really. Whose fault is it? Ours for letting "soft targets" remain "soft". If the President would cancel schools until all "soft targets" become "hardened", then we would be getting some place. Until then, the father of his slain daughter was right - this is just talk with no action.