Behold, our Carpetbagger…

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"What am I trying to say? Go back to the swamp Tim. We got this one covered, thank you."

Oh, boy. He just stepped one inch closer to doing something very unfortunate. In the paper this morning, is a sad tale of carpetbagging. Not just a little bit of a carpetbagger - no, this is major league. Who is it? Our former two term Governor, who when he decided not to run for a third term, put his hip waders on, and waded pell mell into the swamp.
The paper said T Paw recently had a soiree for a whole bunch of "big cigars". In other jargon, the "donor class". No drinks, no food, not even a hanger to hang up a coat. Why? A technicality. Since our former Governor turned carpetbagger has not officially "announced" as yet, he could not offer any kind of amenity. Not until he is officially in the race.
The donor class has not told T Paw one very unfortunate fact of life. If he jumps in the race, if he goes right to the primary rather than fighting for the endorsement, much of the base will not support him. What is even worse, because he went into the deepest and murkiest part of the swamp by being a lobbyist for Wall Street, the Democrats will fillet him like a 18" Walleye. Then it will be "Hello, Governor Walz!"
What would I, a citizen of this state, and former T Paw voter (twice) expect? I would expect him to be a team player. He could have kept his $2.8M salary on Wall Street, and supported the endorsed candidate from afar. He could have been a cheerleader for Jeff Johnson, rallying the donor class to his campaign. Many of the party faithful might have even forgiven T Paw for the Legacy Amendment, the clean energy crap which gave us sky high electric costs, and the growth of government under his watch. But being a team player is antithetical to being a carpetbagger. Carpetbaggers only support three people - me, myself and I.
I have been very optimistic about our chances this year. I really have. Ever since a year ago last November when Jeff and I first sat down for coffee, I knew 2018 was going to be his year. Minnesota has not had a true conservative for many a decade, and Jeff could fix much of what has been broken. T Paw had his chance to fix stuff in Minnesota, and ended up getting played by the Democrats. Rather than fighting Democrats on keystone issues, he ended up siding with them. And then after 8 years of state government growth, the swamp offered him the deal of a lifetime - so he left for Wall Street.
One more minor issue. Okay, not minor. Whereas Jeff was on-board with our President right after Trump was endorsed, T Paw has spoken out against the President. If T Paw became our Governor, President Trump would give T Paw the same deference he now gives Governor Goofy - in other words, not much.
But that will never happen, as T Paw is un-electable. President Trump will them have to try and deal with Governor Walz.
So thanks Tim - thanks for nothing. For the first time in forever, we have a real shot to put a conservative in St. Paul. To kill the Met Council (that's right - you did nothing about them, did you?). To fix our taxes, rather than to raise them and come up with a butt load of hidden taxes called "fees".
What am I trying to say? Go back to the swamp Tim. We got this one covered, thank you.