“Hating on” the Olympics

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"I will paraphrase Laura once again - 'Just shut up and play'. Or better yet, 'Just shut up!'"

What a weird year for the Olympics! NBC is doing simply a terrible job, the ratings are tanking, we have the sister of a mass murderer being treated like royalty, terrible things are being said about our President and Vice President, and - the United States, a perennial super power in the winter games, is not doing spit. Did I leave anything out?
Yes, I guess I did. After Lindsey Vonn said some impolitic things about our President, she finished 6th in the Super "G" - a race she was favored to medal in. Immediately after the race, she went to twitter and complained. (Her words), it was because she was first down the hill - supposedly a disadvantage (well, someone has to be first). Immediately there was a flurry of responding tweets from supporters of the President. Let me just say they went from the mild to wild in berating this past Olympic star. The press of course, said the Trumpsters were "hating on" poor old Lindsey.
Years ago, Laura Ingraham penned a book called "Shut Up & Sing". Bet you can't guess what that book was about! This book could also be applicable for this year's Olympics. Hey Lindsey, just shut up and ski! If you don't like our President, keep your pie hole shut. Why? First off, he is YOUR President, as he is ours. Secondly, your job is to go out on the slopes and bring home some medals. This country spent a lot of money training you to do so.
And then there are our two openly gay athletes who were "hating on" our Vice President. For what? Mike Pence is one of the kindest, truest people we have in government. Ah - but he is a strong Christian. You know, "mentally ill" like the unlikable Joy Behar recently said. So let me get this straight. If you are gay, and an Olympic athlete, it is okay to hate Christians? Even if one is the Vice President of the United States? News flash to these two nitwits - this country contains a whole bunch of people who are followers of the Cross and voted for Trump/Pence. Treating our Vice President with that much disrespect due to his strong faith goes over like "gas in church" with millions of us Americans.
And then of course, was the NBC fawning all over the Minister of Propaganda from North Korea (that would be "rocket man's" sister). All they could do on opening night is praise her and deride VP Pence. Hey NBC - whose side are you on, anyhow? Are you aware of this brutal regime to the North (of which, little sister is part of) has tortured and/or killed millions of people? Did you forget that "rocket man" is going full speed ahead in building an ICBM, which can destroy an American city? How about if one of his ICBMs lands on "30 Rock" - your corporate HQ in NYC?
For most of us, these Olympics can not be over soon enough. The irony is this - my wife and I are huge fans of the Winter Olympics. We watch them every four years. This year - not so much. Why? Did we get our "hate on" for the games or certain members of our team? Nope. Just disgust. I will paraphrase Laura once again - "Just shut up and play". Or better yet, "Just shut up!"