America’s toughest converstation

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"If I knew the Second Amendment had outlived it's usefulness, I would be on the bandwagon. But it has not."

This topic comes up after every mass murder, be it in a school, or otherwise. That is, if the mass murder was perpetrated by some kind of gun. Then the cries of change come from all spectrum's of the political divide. WHY? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN??? Since nobody seems to have a logical answer, the emotional solutions come forth in spades. BAN ALL GUNS!! THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS THE SUICIDE NOTE FOR AMERICA!! And then we are off to the races.
First, not to trod on ground already covered, let me (as our Southern Baptist pastor would say), back up, and run over this snake one more time. There are not any people on this planet, who grieve more for the innocent loss of life than members of the NRA do. True fact. They want ALL guns to be used for the proper and appropriate reasons. They constantly walk the tightrope between protecting our liberties and the protection of the innocents.
Here is the rub, and I am not going to be gentle when I report on this. It is the ignorance of parts of our population, particularly those under 50, which I believe is due to the refusal of our school systems to teach proper American history. This causes much of this needless angst.
The NRA is like the little Dutch Boy, having his finger in the dyke. Without the NRA, reminding us of WHY WE HAVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT in the first place, the progressives would have killed it years ago.
I know this is not as good as watching NASCAR or March Madness, but time spent researching why in the world we have this unique amendment in our Bill of Rights might be a good use of time. This Second Amendment is unique for this reason. It was the safeguard, the parking brake, the governor on an engine, the checks and balance - to keep our government from becoming too much like King George. It was so important, so vital to our framers, it remains the only one which has the phrase, "Shall not be infringed" included in it.
Why have there been so many school shootings in the past 30 years? Is it due to the Second Amendment? No. That has been with us since the get-go. So what is it? THAT - IS WHY WE NEED A TRUE, UNBIASED NATIONAL DISCUSSION. If it is not because of the Second Amendment or the NRA, what is it? I don't know. But let's talk.
I don't know if it is broken families, a broken education system, taking God out of the equation, psychotropic drugs, video games, Hollywood, or whatever. We need to talk. However, if the conversation is going to revolve around screwing around with our Constitutional rights, it is worth our time.
Sorry, it you are disappointed. If I knew the Second Amendment had outlived it's usefulness, I would be on the bandwagon to get rid of it. But it has not. I am however, willing to be a part of the conversation to end this carnage. As is most of the gun toting folks I know. We need this to work for all of us. Like it always has in the past. Murder is against the law - owning a gun should not be.