The humor behind Russian meddling

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"Remember the old saying - we may have started it, but Putin is going to finish it. That is, unless we give him a mea culpa for our past sins against him."

So the great and powerful Oz (that be Robert Mueller) dropped the bomb on a handful of Russians this week. Said he had the goods on them for what they tried to do to our last elections. In fact, some of this meddling goes back to 2014, long before Donald Trump announced. That's okay. Why? It seems that turn about is fair play. And why in the world would I say that? If you don't want to get bit, you don't stick your hand into the Bear's cage. And that is exactly what Hillary did to Putin in 2011.
We have been far from "lily white" on this whole foreign election thing. It is alleged that during the 2011 Russian election, there was some behind the curtain shenanigans going on. The infamous "reset button" that Clinton gave to the Russians turned out to be nothing but a ruse. The real plan was regime change in Russia. Work with Putin's opposition. This thinly veiled attempt to oust Putin, put Hillary Clinton as # 1 on Putin's enemy list. He even complained to Obama about Hillary's misdeeds. Putin still won re-election, but his memory of the event stayed intact. If he could hurt Hillary in any way, he would. To hurt her in her bid for the Presidency, all the better.
Hey - Obama was no saint either. He had the same antipathy for Bebe Netanyahu as Hillary had for Putin. Obama stuck his fingers in the goo during the last Israeli election. This disdain our President at that time had for our strongest ally in the Middle East was epic. Obama saw Bebe as a roadblock to his highly valued "two state" solution. So he funded an organization called "One Voice" (with taxpayer money, mind you), to spread hate and discontent about Bebe prior to the last election. Again, it was thinly veiled, so everyone and his brother (or sister) knew about it.
The funniest thing about this whole canard of Trump's Russian collusion is simply this. The word on the street is Putin does not have a lot of time for Trump either. There is no "bromance" between these two guys. However, Putin's hatred and desire to get even with Hillary (excuse the expression), "trumped" everything else.
In any event, this past election has been a HUGE win for Putin. Not because Trump got in - that Hillary did not. And the big, thick gooey frosting on the cake is this - because of this "false flag" that he was the puppet master behind Hillary's defeat, it landed a huge bonus. This entire issue has the Americans at each other's throats, as well as spending scads of time and money investigating a box canyon.
Are there things which should be investigated from this past election? As we say in Minnesota, "you betcha!" Things like Uranium One. Influence peddling at the State Department. Unlawful FISA warrants. Ease dropping (wire tapping) done by a sitting President on a Presidential candidate. The list goes on and on. But this whole Russian thing? Maybe if we sent Rex Tillerson over to Moscow to personally apologize for the sins of Hillary and Kerry, we can move on.
If not, get ready for more shenanigans in the upcoming mid-terms. Remember the old saying - we may have started it, but Putin is going to finish it. That is, unless we give him a mea culpa for our past sins against him.